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A collection of distinctive desk tools in brushed pewter.


Compact Disk Opener

This sleek gizmo opens your new music CD’s in a whisper. It makes short work of the vexing plastic shrinkwrap and the highly annoying sticky label. Relax. Enjoy the tunes. Brushed pewter with replaceable blade.
2-3/8” long.

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Heart Letter Opener

This heart-shaped letter opener is perfect for those of us who just love getting mail. Brushed pewter.
3 -1/4” long.




Heart Stamp Dispenser

Ideal for sending love letters. Makes a lovely set with the Heart Letter Opener. 1-7/8” tall.
Limited supply.


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Zig-Zag Letter Opener

This brushed pewter letter opener will open your mail in a flash. And it looks so smart on your desk! 4-3/4” long.


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Zig-Zag Stamp Dispenser

The perfect companion to the Zig-Zag Letter Opener. Makes it a pleasure to send a letter. Even paying bills is a bit more fun. Brushed pewter. 1-7/8” tall.


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